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One-day express tours to Finland from Saint-Petersburg

One-day tours from Saint-Petersburg to Finland

The AMG travel company offers bus tours. We offer one-day tours from Saint-Petersburg to Finland. One-day tours are quite convenient so we are sure that these short-term trips are loved by many tourists, for example by the people who don’t like having rest in one place for a long time or who want to visit the country to do some shopping. Also one-day tours are perfect for getting to know the country and getting the general idea of Finland.

One-day tours from Saint-Petersburg to Helsinki and back.

A unique opportunity for AMG travel clients – one-day tour Saint-Petersburg – Helsinki - Saint-Petersburg from 1000 rub!*

Departure from Saint-Petersburg at 23:00, departure from Helsinki at 15:00. To get all the information please phone: +7 (812) 928-02-44 or +7 (911) 920-02-44.

Time of the departure Place of the departure Price
23:00 Saint-Petersburg  1000 rub*
15:00 Helsinki

* - The price in the table is the price of the trip to the center of Helsinki (m.KAMPPI)

One-day tour to Laaperanta

Big comfortable buses: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Saturday.
Minibuses: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Your trip to a wonderful Finnish city Laaperanta will start in the very centre of Saint-Petersburg. Our comfortable bus leaves from the “Oktiabrskaya” hotel and starts moving to the north of the city, making stops at “Chernaya Rechka” metro station and near “Lenta” supermarket on Savushkina street. The arrival to the border point “Brusnichnoye” and crossing the border will not take much time and after several hours you are in Finland! The stops are in the centre of Laaperanta near the chopping centres «GALLERIA «, «ANTTILA», «OPRI», «WEERA» (if you wish there is a cheap swimming pool), ”TOP-SPORT”, ”RAYA MARKET” store, ”LIDL ”, ”BILTEMA”, ”GIGANTTI”, ”FAMILY CENTER” shops. On the way from Laaperanta there is also a stop at the fish shop “Laplandia” where you can buy sea food, caviar and fish. Soon after that we will pass the “Brusnichnoye” point and get back to the centre of Saint-Petersburg, making a stop on Savuskina street. The final point of this interesting tour is “Ploshchad Vosstaniya” metro station.

One-day tour to Imatra

Sunday tours on big comfortable buses and minibuses.
Minibuses: Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday.

An exciting tour to the Finnish city Imatra starts in the centre of Saint-Petersburg near the “Oktiabrskaya” hotel on the Vosstaniya Square. The road to the customs station “Brusnichnoye” will take several hours. Immediately after crossing the border you can visit “LAPLANDIA” shop and also “DISA FISH” shop. When you arrive to Imatra you can visit ”KYLPULA SPA ” aquapark and then all the shopping-lovers will find their shopping paradise in the centre of the city on the trade square. «KAPPAHL»,”H&M ”, ”DRESSMANN” , ”INTERSPORT”, ”EUROMARKET” , ”LINDEX”, ”SEPPALA ” shops will leave nobody indifferent! A wide range of goods and democratic prices will surprise you! For culture and history lovers there is also an excursion around the city, after which the bus goes back to Russia. After the customs station there are two bus stops: “Lenta” (Savushkina street) and “Chernaya Rechka” metro. The trip finishes at the same place where it started - near “Oktiabrskaya” hotel.

To specify the information about the time, price and date of the regular buses to Finland please call: +7 (812) 928-02-44 or +7 (911) 920-02-44

Laaperanta is a resort city by the Saimaa lake. Despite the fact that Laaperanta is a small city, there are many sights and places of interest. The city attracts the tourists with its convenient geographic position and amazing nature and climate conditions. The city is perfect for all the people who love winter sport and active way of life as there is an amazing city sport complex. Also there is a water-sanatory resort where you can have a rest and improve your health. The resort has everything that is necessary to strengthen your health for many years.

The distance between Saint-Petersburg and Finland is very short – only 500 km, so one-day tour from Saint-Petersburg to Finland is a great pleasure! Even if you want to take small children with you, it won’t make any problems. The buses to Finland are very spacious and are well-equipped for the purpose of travelling with the whole family. It is necessary to mention that Russian tourists, especially Saint-Petersburg citizens, love having rest in Finland very much. It is not a surprise – Russia and Finland have a lot in common. Finland is a wonderful European country! There are great conditions for life and vacation, good ecological situation, nice climate and rich natural resources, beautiful architecture, many sights and a lot of other interesting things to do. Finland, as many other Scandinavian countries, still has the worship of nature. In the modern society this tradition has transformed to the will to save and maintain good ecological situation.

Finnish nature is rich, various and surprisingly clean. There are many ecologically clean lakes and rivers where you can spend your time. That is why Finland is loved by people who appreciate clean water and, of course, fishing. Also there is a famous Finnish sauna! In one word, there are all conditions to have a great time! Our one-day tours to Finland are convenient because the distance is covered very fast, convenient and safe. Travel to Finland by bus with AMG travel!