Автобусы и маршрутки из Санкт-Петербурга в Хельсинки
Лиговский пр.10/118
Ленинградская область
+7(812)928-02-44 +7(911)920-02-44

+7 (911) 920-02-44 +7 (911) 928-02-44
с 10:00 до 22:00


On our site you can book the tickets for your trip to Finland and pay for them.  (You can book the tickets using a special booking form on the home page of the site.) 

To pay for the pre-booked ticket you need to enter a unique booking number in the "Check the booking" field (the booking number was sent on your e-mail or in an SMS-message). ATTENTION! For the correct checking, you need to enter the same information that you entered while booking.

If you pay for the tickets via payment terminals, you need to:

  1. book a ticket on the site

  2. enter the booking number in the "Check the booking" field on the home page of the site

  3. choose the way of payment

  4. fill in all the necessary fields

  5. memorize and save the unique number for the terminal payment

  6. pay via the terminal using the unique number

You can pay for the pre-booked ticket right before the boarding on the bus to Finland, or in advance using electronic ways of payment:

bank cards
















After booking the tickets on our site you will get a letter with the number of your booking and information about the trip. You can check the booking on the home page of the site and also by phone: +7 (812) 928-02-44, +7 (812) 920-02-44.