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Finland for an hour

A new AMG travel route “To Finland for 1 hour” gives you a unique opportunity to get the stamp in the passport and open your Shengen visa very fast! You will open your visa and have more trips to Finland and also you will visit the Duty Free shop and one of the big supermarkets such as «LAPLANDIA», «PRISMA», «RAJA MARKET».

It doesn’t matter how much time you will spend on Finland territory – it will be counted as one day of visit.

You get an opportunity to:

  • open your Finnish visa

  • close your Finnish visa

  • increase your number of visits to Finland


* this time is approximate and depends on the situation on the roads and time of board crossing.

  • 08:00 (09:00 Saturday and Sunday) -  departure from m. “Ploshchad Vosstaniya” (4 Vosstaniya street, “Stockmann” shop)

  • 08:15 -  m. “Chernaya rechka”

  • 10:30 -  customs control “Brusnichnoye”

  • 12:00 -  “Disas fish” fish shop

  • 12:30 -  “LAPLANDIA” shop

  • 14:00 -  customs control “Brusnichnoye”, “Tax Free” Refund Office

  • 17:00 -  Arrival to Saint-Petersburg, m.”Chernaya Rechka” (Primorsky pr., on the side of the metro station, Ushakovskaya roundabout)

  • 17:15 -  Arrival to m. “Ploshchad Vosstaniya” (Ligovsky pr.)

The price of the tour “1 hour in Finland” is 800 rub.

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The buses for the trip can take 8-20 people. For all the additional information call our managers by phone +7 (911) 920-02-44 and
+7 (812) 928-02-44.