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Goods subject to mandatory declaration on Russian border

About the list of goods subject to mandatory declaration on the State border according to the Russian Federation law::

Here is the list of personal goods subject to mandatory declaration during their movement through the State border according to the 8th Paragraph of the Government Decree No. 715, dated 27.11.2003:

  • Imported Goods with aggregate value exceeding RUR 65,000 and/or total weight in excess of 35 kg.

  • Imported to RF: cash foreign exchange, Russian rubles (RUR), travelers checks, foreign and (or) domestic securities to a sum total exceeding the equivalent of USD 10,000.

  • Exported from RF: cash foreign exchange and (or) Russian rubles (RUR) to a sum total exceeding the equivalent of USD 3, 000 USD.

  • Exported from RF: travelers checks to a sum total exceeding the equivalent of 10,000 USD.

  • Exported from RF: foreign and (or) domestic securities (except the situation of export of the securities that were earlier imported or transitted to Russian Federation according to all the customs requirements. In this case it is necessary to show the customs declaration or any other document confirming their import on transition to Russian Federation).

  • Precious metals (gold, silver, platina and any metals of platina group – palladium, iridium, rhodium, rhutenium, osmium) in any form and condition:
    - Imported temporarily;
    - Exported (except for the jewelry conveyed across the border with the purpose of temporary exportation).

  • Precious stones (temporarily imported, exported emeralds, true rubies, sapphires, alexandrites, natural pearls in any form, unique amber units, diamonds, imported nature diamonds).

  • Valuables of art and cultural valuables.

  • Exported state Russian Federation awards

  • Flora and fauna objects under the threat of extinction, their parts and parts made of them.

  • Weapons (devices and subject designed for target damaging, signal transmitting), main parts of the firearm (tube, bolt, cylinder, receiver, barrel receiver), cartridges (any subject used for a shot from the weapon, containing a primer, a propellent charge, and a missile in a shell, ammunition, explosives, parts of the cartridges (shells, capsules, gun powder).

  • Imported alcohol beverages in a quantity that exceeds 2 litres. Imported tobacco products in a quantity that exceeds 50 cigars, 100 cigarillos, 200 cigarettes, 0.25 kg tobacco (in a case of import of tobacco products in one form in a quantity exceeding 100 cigars, 200 cigarillos, 400 cigarettes, 0.5 kg tobacco).

  • Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, as well as their analogues.

  • Poisonous and intoxicant substances, potent drugs.

  • High-frequency and radioelectronic devices except for the data terminal equipment.

  • Technical means made up of one or several radio transmitting/receiving apparatus and their combinations and auxiliary equipment used for secret information collection.

  • Exported material subjects conveying some information which is considered to be state secret.

  • Nuclear materials, equipment, special non-nuclear materials and corresponding technologies.

  • Radioactive isotopes, substances and products made on its base.

  • Exported materials, equipment, scientific and technical information, results of the intellectual activity which can be used for creating the destruction weapon, means of its transferring, other kinds of ammunition or military equipment.

  • Imported chemicals which can be used for creating chemical weapon.

  • Military products.

  • Means of trasport.

  • Goods in the unaccompanied luggage.

  • Goods which are sent to the address of some person for individual use except for the goods sent in international post.